Abusing Sanatan Culture Now A “Fashion” For Opposition: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday claimed that abusing Sanatan culture and questioning the existence of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna has become a “fashion” for the opposition leaders.

“Supporters of the Samajwadi Party open fire on Lord Ram’s devotees and perform ‘aarti’ for terrorists. They demand the withdrawal of cases against the perpetrators. They celebrate the death of Lord Ram’s devotees and shed crocodile tears over the demise of gangsters,” he said.

Addressing election rallies in the state, Mr Adityanath said after the third phase of polling for the general elections on Tuesday, voting for over half of the Lok Sabha seats would be over and the nation is “resonating with the slogan ‘Abki Baar 400 Paar'”.

“The new India stands resolute against terrorism, responding with strength,” he said.

At election meetings in Sitapur and Misrikh parliamentary constituencies, the BJP leader alleged that questioning the existence of God and abusing Sanatan culture has become a “fashion’ for the opposition.

He urged people to exercise their franchise to show those who insult Lord Ram and Lord Krishna their rightful place.

“How can we accept those who raise questions about Lord Ram and Lord Krishna? Ultimately, it is the people of the country who will respond through their votes,” Mr Adityanath said.

He said that BJP’s double-engine government has taken up several initiatives for the development of Naimisharanya, a pilgrimage spot in Sitapur.

“Just as Ayodhya is experiencing a revitalization, Naimisharanya is also undergoing a transformation. Plans are underway to introduce air services and electric bus services along with the construction of guest houses for the visitors,” Mr Adityanath said.

Addressing another election meeting, the senior BJP leader claimed that while the Samajwadi Party used to arm the youth with pistols, his government provided them with tabs.

Taking a jibe at the opposition, the chief minister said, “Let the ‘supporters of Pakistan’ know that people are starving in Pakistan, a nation created after the partition of India. While there’s a struggle for a kilogram of flour there, 80 crore people in India are receiving free ration.”

“Our MLAs and MPs stand in solidarity with the poor. They have ensured that the government provides facilities and financial assistance to the needy for their treatment. During the SP and Congress rule these funds were misappropriated for personal gain,” Mr Adityanath alleged.

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