AI Traffic Management System Launched In Goa’s Merces Junction

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Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has launched the Artificial Intelligence-driven security, Integrated Traffic Management and eChallan System at Merces junction.The AI could detect emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks and automatically clear the road, the Chief Minister told ANI.”Finally, this will also reduce toxic emissions within the state, as vehicle idling time will reduce,” Mr Savant added.Earlier taking to Twitter, the Chief Minister said, “The system has been employed on a pilot basis at Merces junction on a PPP basis. The Govt. Of Goa shall expand the scope of implementation on a PPP basis with collaborating with private investment.”Pramod Savant added that a total of 16 signals will be launched across Goa.”The system is developed and implemented by Beltech AI. The system shall benefit traffic police to monitor the traffic, issue eChallan and shall benefit with assistance in security purposes,” he added.