Bengaluru Cab Driver Reveals He Earns Rs 3,000 To Rs 4,000 Per Day, Internet Reacts

A recent post on social media caught the attention of social media users as a cab driver in Bengaluru disclosed his daily earnings to a curious passenger. The driver revealed that he earns Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 per day and also earns extra by driving Ola cabs. “So, I was coming back from a function today, and I booked a cab. While chatting with the cab driver, I asked him about his earnings. He mentioned that he makes around 3000 to 4000 per day. I was shocked!” the Reddit user wrote in the post. 

“If he makes 3000 per day and works for 25 days a month, that totals to 75,000 per month. He added that even after deducting petrol costs, he still has enough money. Plus, he has another cab attached to Ola, which brings in additional income. He proudly mentioned that his kids go to a good school. When I asked him how long he’s been driving, he said since 2019, after he lost his previous job,” the passenger added. 

Take a look below: 

You Won’t Believe How Much This Cab Driver Earns Daily!
by inBengaluru

The post was shared on Reddit just a few days back. Since then it has accumulated more than 300 upvotes. In the comments section, users shared their perspectives on the cab driver’s earnings. 

“This is pretty reasonable and believable. I have a close friend’s brother who works as OLA driver. He usually just focuses on airport or railway station pick ups. Works a bit odd hours. But comfortably brings home around 80k after expenses (fuel, EMI, maintenance and insurance). He leads a pretty comfortable life and has a 30/40 home at Yelahanka and couple of acres land in native which he bought with his cab earnings. If you are hardworking and reliable you can make a lot of money in that business,” wrote one user. 

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“They make decent money, yes, but it is extremely stressful to drive around the city all day considering the traffic. It is soul sucking and they are very irritable and pick fights so often. Many of them are constantly on the phone just to keep their mind off the frustration of the traffic,” commented another. 

“Why is it a surprise, he is working hard for that. we see most so many incompetent employees earning more than that. That should actually be surprising,” expressed a third user. “Of course. My office cab guy earns around 30k after all expenses per month just from office trips. He also rides for other apps. The one side is that it’s physically draining which people don’t tend to notice,” shared a fourth. 

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