Bengaluru Landlord Asks Tenant For LinkedIn Profile And Small Write-Up, Internet Reacts

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Finding a house for rent in a metro city is not an easy task. Sharing house hunting experience in Bengaluru, a man named Goutham shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat with a house owner who asked him for a LinkedIn profile and a small write-up about himself. The relatable post has created a buzz online. Goutham shared his “peak Bengaluru” moment on Twitter.”Day 12 of house hunting Indiranagar” he wrote and attached a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat. The conversation shows how he was asked to share his LinkedIn profile. In a follow-up post, he shared a screenshot with another owner who asked the man to share a small write-up about himself.Check out the Tweet here:Day 12 of house hunting Indiranagar @peakbengaluru— Goutham (@0xGoutham) March 16, 2023Since being posted, the tweet has gone viral and so far it has collected over 1 lakh views on Twitter. Netizens also shared their experience in the comments section. Many other people have faced similar challenges in getting a house on rent.A user wrote, “This is happening quite a lot in Bengaluru, I know a couple of my friends who are ready to pay a good amount for rent but they’re asked a lot of questions with and then the rent is quoted again with an increased price… They’re still hunting for a house.”Another user wrote, “Happens in Gurgaon too. You have to send a profile. If you are not a salaried employee, you don’t get the house. Like people doing startups don’t get houses.”The third user wrote, “I came to Hyderabad in 2003, stayed in 8 apartments so far on rent, in bachelor time, live-in time, and married time combined. I never had to give my profile, and never had to pay the advance for more than two months. Currently staying in a high-rise society at a reasonable rate.””Talked to this uncle today who talked about what am I building/doing for 5 minutes straight only to tell me he doesn’t entertain bachelors,” shared the fourth user.Reacting to the comments, Goutham wrote, “In Bengaluru after cracking the job interview, you also need to crack the house interview!”