“Did PM Even Check…”: Commuters Enraged As Newly-Opened Highway Floods

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The Bengaluru-Mysuru highway in Karnataka, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi six days ago, was inundated after heavy rains in the Ramanagara region of the state on Friday night.The highway road, built at Rs 8,480 crore, was waterlogged near the Ramanagara district, neighbouring Bengaluru. The water remained stagnant in the underbridge on the highway, leading to a series of bumper-to-bumper accidents that resulted in slow-moving vehicles and long periods of traffic jams on the highway.This is the same underbridge that flooded last year when Karnataka received unprecedented rains.Some distressed commuters lashed out against Chief Minister BS Bommai and the PM for damage to their vehicles, and questioned whether the highway was ready for inauguration.”My Maruti Swift car was half submerged in the waterlogged underbridge. It switched off, and a lorry approaching from behind rammed into my car. Who will be held responsible for this? I am requesting Chief Minister Bommai to get my car repaired. PM Modi inaugurated the highway, did he even check with his road and transport ministry whether the road was ready for inauguration? Should we suffer for the sake of vote bank politics? They demand a whopping toll fee, what’s the use?” Vikas, a commuter, told NDTV.Another agitated commuter, Nagaraju, who said his vehicle was the first in the bumper-to-bumper accidents, questioned who would be held responsible for the accidents. They would have cleared the waterlogging in 10 minutes if the PM were to arrive, he said.”Soon after water started filling the underbridge, multiple accidents were reported. First was mine… and then there were a series of bumper-to-bumper accidents involving seven to eight vehicles. There is no space for water to recede. If there’s news of the PM’s arrival, they would clear this waterlogging in 10 minutes. Can’t you see we common man are suffering? Who’s responsible for this?” Nagaraju said.PM Modi on March 12 inaugurated the 118 km long Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway, which reduced the travel time from three hours to about 75 minutes.The six lane Bengaluru-Nidaghatta-Mysuru section of NH 275 is expected to act as a catalyst for socio-economic development in the region.