Bizarre Trespassing Challenge Takes Over TikTok, Internet Furious

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Social media platforms are known for weird trends that shock people. This time, it’s the trespassing challenge. According to a report in New York Post, teen TikTok users are seen barging into the strangers’ homes for a prank that has gone viral. One of the bizarre videos – titled “Walking into random houses” – shows a teenager and his friends filming themselves entering a family home uninvited, the outlet further said. Though the video sharing platform removed the clip, it is still available on Reddit and Twitter.Guys walk into a random person’s house for tiktok u/Bobinski16 in PublicFreakoutIt shows the young men brazenly opening the front gate and entering a house while a woman sweeps the front yard.Alarmed over the intrusion, the woman follows the teenagers into the house and calls out the name of James, perhaps the house owner, to “come to the front door right now”.The TikTok users try to speak to the man, who looks puzzled, and ask his name. But he tries to escort them towards the front door.”We’ve got kids, man,” the father pleaded in response, prompting the group to leave the house.The video has generate furious reactions from users on other social media platforms.”What an actual creep walking into people’s houses with kids there, knocking on a woman’s door and intimidating them on their doorstep all in the name of a VIRAL TIKTOK,” one woman tweeted.”This is beyond stupid and actually dangerous, they are walking into people’s houses, scaring and intimidating people and thinking it’s funny!” a second Twitter user said.”Trespassers get shot everyday. You might end up getting hurt or even killed. Terrible and dangerous,” said a third user.Before this, TikTok users had shocked the world by challenges like the skull breaker challenge, the cha-cha slide challenge and the blackout challenge, in which users who want to be influencers asphyxiate themselves until passing out.