BJP MP Backs Father’s Call For Debate On Some Portions On Ramcharitmanas

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BJP MP Sanghamitra Maurya on Wednesday came in support of her father and Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya over his remarks on Ramcharitmanas, saying there should be a debate on some portions of the Hindu epic.She said the “chaupai” (verse) of the Ramcharitmanas called by her father objectionable should be discussed with scholars.”My father has read Ramcharitmanas. However, I have not talked to him with regard to it. But if he has mentioned a chaupai, it is probably because that line is contrary to the character of Lord Ram himself. While Lord Ram ate Shabari’s berries without giving importance to caste, her caste has been described in that chaupai,” Sanghamitra, the BJP MP from Budaun, told reporters when asked about her father’s remarks on Ramcharitmanas. Swami Prasad Maurya has been booked for his controversial remarks.Sanghamitra said her father quoted the particular verse because he sought clarification.”So, we think there should be an explanation. This is not a matter to debate in the media. We think it is a matter of analysis. This should be discussed with scholars,” she added.”When we find something contrary to God, we need an explanation,” the BJP MP said.Sanghamitra claimed that the chaupai was also questioned in a poem by the great poetess Mahadevi Verma, saying she too had said that she was surprised why no woman had raised an objection to it.She said, “He (Maurya) is my father, I am not defending him, rather I am saying that if a person talks about anything, we should not make a comment until we understand his point completely. ” Swami Prasad Maurya, a prominent OBC leader in Uttar Pradesh, kicked up a controversy recently by alleging that certain verses of Ramcharitmanas “insult” a large section of society on the basis of caste and demanded that these be “banned”.Ramcharitmanas, an epic poem in the Awadhi language, is based on the Ramayana and has been composed by 16th-century Bhakti poet Tulsidas.On Tuesday, an FIR was registered against Maurya for his remarks on the epic.The SP leader has refused to retract his statement, saying he had spoken on a particular verse in the Hindu epic and not about Lord Ram or any religion.He also said he made the remarks in his personal capacity and not as a member of the SP.