CBI captures railroad divisional designer

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New Delhi, Sept 9: CBI today captured a railroad divisional architect (development) in Murshidabad in West Bengal for supposedly getting Rs one lakh as fix from a rail line temporary worker for clearing his bills.

A CBI representative said the designer was caught “in the act” while accepting the fix from the contractual worker.

“A case was enrolled on a dissension claiming that the divisional specialist was badgering the complainant and was not entering the estimation of work finished by him as an aftereffect of which the installment towards the work as of now completed by him was not being prepared,” the representative said.

She said the blamed requested a pay off for Rs 2.80 lakh for passing the pending bills of the complainant and consented to acknowledge an entirety of Rs one lakh.

“CBI laid a trap and caught the charged in the act while requesting and tolerating a pay off of Rs one lakh from the complainant. The charged will be delivered tomorrow in the court of Special Judge, CBI Cases, Kolkata,” she said.