Cemetery In Thailand Organises Movie Night For The Dead, Internet Calls It “Spooky”

A cemetery in Thailand has left the internet shocked by holding movie screenings for the dead. According to the South China Morning Post, the resting place in Nakhon Ratchasima province in northeastern Thailand holds nearly 3,000 descendants of people. In June, the cemetery authorities carefully set out rows of empty chairs and screened a film for the dead in a bid to pacify the spirits of those who have passed over to the afterlife. 

The graves mostly belong to descendants of people from China who went to live in Thailand, the outlet reported. The film screenings took place from June 2 to June 6. During the open-air show, only four staff members were present, and films were shown from 7pm until midnight each day. Staff also laid on a feast for the dead, burning paper offerings such as food, model houses, vehicles, clothing and daily necessities. 

The event was organised to commemorate and provide the dead with a modern form of entertainment. The organisers said that screening movies for the deceased after the Ching Ming Festival or before the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional custom in many Chinese communities in Thailand. 

The contractor of the event said he initially felt scared about showing movies in a cemetery. However, he went on to describe the experience as unique and positive. On social media, users shared various reactions. “This spooky film screening event is actually a very warm idea to make the deceased feel satisfied and the living feel at ease,” wrote one user. 

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Meanwhile, the SCMP reported that the Chinese community in Thailand believe that spirits may linger in the human world due to unfulfilled wishes. According to them, by holding such ceremonies these souls can be comforted and made to feel remembered and respected, which in turn reduces their “interference” with the living. 

Buddhists in Thailand also hold a belief in reincarnation and the afterlife. Many of them believe that after death, a soul enters a new cycle of rebirth. Therefore, showing movies to the dead becomes a way to comfort the departed, allowing them to feel satisfied and ensure their rebirth. 

Notably, last year, a Thai man held a ghost marriage with his girlfriend who had died of leukaemia. 

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