Conspiracy Being Hatched To Level False Allegations Against Hindus: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had accused Congress’s Rahul Gandhi yesterday of telling lies and making harsh comments against Hindus — and got a stinging reply — today repeated the allegation in his response to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s speech.  

“Today, there is a conspiracy to falsely accuse Hindus, a serious conspiracy is unfolding,” PM Modi said.

“These are people who tried to coin the term ‘Hindu terrorism’. Their associates compared Hinduism to diseases like dengue and malaria. This country will never forgive them. Under a well-thought-out conspiracy, their entire ecosystem has made it fashionable to degrade, insult, and mock Hindu traditions,” he added.

Then, targetting Mr Gandhi, he added, “This is your culture, this is your character, this is your thinking, this is your hatred. These are the actions against Hindus in this country. This country will not forget it for centuries,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister’s whole speech today was accompanied by Opposition protests and table thumping from the background. Only the chants about “Manipur” and justice changed to a Bollywood one-liner that warns children  against lying — “Jhooth bole kaua kaate (lie and you get pecked by a crow)”.

In his first speech in parliament as the Leader of the Opposition yesterday, Rahul Gandhi had come armed with photos of various gods including Lord Shiva and prophets from other religions, and used them to launch a sharp attack on PM Modi, the BJP and its ideological mentor, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, accusing them of spreading fear.

One of his comments had brought the Prime Minister to his feet. “Calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious issue,” Mr Modi said – a comment the Congress said was another example of the BJP twisting facts.

At the time In the Lok Sabha, PM Modi got a sharp retort from Mr Gandhi — one that was among the remarks later expunged from official records. Mr Gandhi has brushed off the censorship, saying he has said what he wished to say and would not worry about whether they are expunged or not.

“What happened yesterday should be taken seriously,” PM Modi said today. “The way you (the Hindus) were disrespected. You shouldn’t ignore this as a childish act. They have malicious intentions. Their lies question the intellect of people,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that insult of gods and goddesses by the opposition is hurting 1.4 billion people in this country.

“We have been taught since childhood that every form is a manifestation of God. No form of God exists for personal gain. The insult of our gods and goddesses is hurting 1.4 billion people in this country. The country cannot forgive the mockery of the forms of God for personal political gain. Watching the scenes of yesterday’s assembly, now Hindu society will have to think whether this is a preparation for some experiment,” he added.

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