Emirates flight from T’puram crash lands in Dubai, all sheltered

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Dubai, Aug 3: Three hundred individuals, for the most part Indians, had a close call today when a pressed Emirates flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai crash landed and burst into flames here with powers saying that all on load up were emptied securely.

Emirates affirmed that flight EK521 with 282 travelers and 18 team individuals on load up was required in a mishap at Dubai worldwide air terminal. The carriers said there were 226 Indians on board the Boeing 777-300.

“We can affirm that there are no fatalities among our travelers and team. All travelers and team are represented and safe,” the carriers said in proclamation.

The flight EK521 left at 10.19 AM from Trivandrum International Airport and was booked to arrive at 12.50 PM at Dubai International Airport.

Among the 282 travelers, seven babies were likewise going in the flight, Thiruvananthapuram Airport executive George Tharakkan.

The flight had two Indian team individuals on load up, he said.

There were an aggregate of 74 outsiders on get onto the flight including 24 from the UK, 11 from the UAE and six each from the US and Saudi Arabia.

In the mean time, Dubai air terminal powers suspended all operations after the Emirates flight mischance.

“Crisis reaction groups at Dubai Airport have completely doused the flame on the Emirates plane. All travelers and team were securely cleared,” the Dubai media office tweeted after the mischance.

Video footage demonstrated smoke surging out of the Boeing 777 after the mishap.

Sai Bhaskar, a traveler on the flight, said a large portion of the those going in the plane were from Kerala.

There was no issue amid the flight, Bhaskar said.

“There was no declaration about any specialized obstacle. We felt as though the flight initially landed, went up again and hit the ground. At the point when smoke immersed the flight, we understood there was something out of order and we felt there was some risk,” he said.

“It was hard to open the crisis exit at first,” Bhaskar said, including that on the off chance that they had been stranded inside the flying machine notwithstanding for a moment more, there would have been a disaster.

A portion of the travelers were harmed while attempting to bounce from the crisis exit, he said.

“Individuals have breathed in smoke. The individuals who left the plane early won’t not have. Be that as it may, the individuals who went out later have breathed in smoke,” another traveler said. .