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Flight passenger feels ‘dizzy’ after man behind her puts his bare feet up on her armrest: See her reaction

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A traveler on a recent flight began feeling ill and “dizzy” after the passenger behind her put his bare feet up on her armrest.  Pornpreeya Keng, 27, was traveling on a low-cost airline from Bangkok, Thailand, to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Sept. 2, according to Viral Press.  While on the flight, Keng began to detect a stench in the air. JUST ‘PLANE’ BAD ETIQUETTE: AIRLINE PASSENGER DRAPES HER LONG, THICK HAIR OVER THE BACK OF HER SEAT Upon looking down and to her right, she noticed that the passenger in the window seat behind her had put his bare foot up on her armrest.  Keng told Viral Press the passenger continued to move around — apparently trying to find a more comfortable sleeping position. Since Keng said she was uncomfortable with the idea of confronting the person directly about his bad manners, so she decided to take out her phone and record the moment.  WOMAN GETS REVENGE ON FELLOW AIRLINE PASSENGER FOR COVERING HER TV IN VIRAL VIDEO SEEN BY MORE THAN 100M In the video, Keng can be seen showing the man’s bare feet propped up on her armrest. She then used a menthol nasal inhaler to try to erase the smell of the feet and feel better. “I tried to shift in my seat to make him aware of my discomfort, but he didn’t notice me,” she told Viral Press.  Kend said she signaled to a flight attendant, who then asked the passenger to take remove his feet from Keng’s armrest — and he ultimately complied.  FLIGHT ETIQUETTE SHOULD BE KNOWN BY ALL, INCLUDING NOT WEARING PAJAMAS ON BOARD “His feet were smelly and dirty — I felt it was unhygienic to have them on the armrest,” she said.  Keng then wiped down the armrest, as seen in her video. (SEE the video at the top of this article.)  She added that passengers should educate themselves on “proper flight etiquette” and inform the flight attendant if they need help with a situation similar to this.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER Fox News Digital spoke with Florida-based etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore about the situation — who said the actions by the barefoot passenger were “extremely impolite.” “The disgruntled passenger should have either politely asked the man to remove his feet from the armrest immediately or alerted a flight attendant as soon as it was safe to move about the cabin,” she said.  Whitmore also said to never assume that others know what might be upsetting you. “People forget to pack their manners when they travel,” she also said.

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