“Gandhi Had No Law Degree”: Jammu And Kashmir Lt Governor’s Shocker

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Jammu and Kashmir Lt Governor Manoj Sinha has said that Mahatma Gandhi had no university degree and that he had a law degree is a “misconception”. Mr Sinha claimed Gandhi ji’s only qualification was a high school diploma.”Perhaps a few people may know about it. But a lot of people, even educated people think Gandhi ji had a Law degree. Gandhi ji had no degree. Some people on the stage may also have contrary view but I speak based on facts,” said Mr Sinha, without offering any evidence.Mr Sinha made these remarks during his keynote speech at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Memorial Lecture at Gwalior.Underlying that people should strive for more than just degrees, Mr Sinha said that Gandhi ji’s only qualification was a High school diploma but no one can say that Gandhi was not educated.”Can anyone say say Gandhiji was not educated. I don’t think anyone has a courage to say so,” said Mr Sinha.”But did you know he didn’t have single university degree or qualification. There are many of us who think that Mahatma Gandhi had a law degree. No. He did not; his only qualification was a high school diploma,” said Mr Sinha.The J&K Lt Governor said that Gandhi achieved everything including freedom through the power of truth and became father of the nation. He added that Gandhi practised law without having a law degree explains how educated he was.”He qualified to practise law. He did not have a law degree. He had no degree. Just look how educated he was, he became Father of the Nation,” he said