Hamburger wrongdoers “purged” by ‘dairy animals waste’, claims Gau Raksha Dal

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Manesar (Haryana), June 28: Hours after a stunning video of the Gau Raksha Dal volunteers constraining two asserted hamburger dealers to eat dairy animals compost and drink bovine pee turned into a web sensation, Gau Raksha Dal boss Dharmendra Yadav on Tuesday not just conceded that his gathering had conferred such a demonstration, additionally sponsored them by saying that ‘cow excrement’ was sacred and they had actually “rinsed” the meat brokers of their wrongdoings.

Yadav said that there was nothing incorrectly in taking the law in their grasp when it came to ensuring the dairy animals and implied that violators of laws against cow butcher merited such treatment.

“In Haryana and a few different states dairy animals butcher is banned, yet these individuals damage laws. Along these lines, for such violators this is what suits. Besides, in Hindu religion bovine resemble mother, in the event that somebody assaults my mom then I won’t sit tight for the police. That is the reason Gau Raksha Dal needed to stand up,” he said.

“I concur what they did wasn’t right, yet in our religious bovine waste and pee are sacred. It is great that they have scrubbed them,” he included.

In a strange comment, he said, “They eat a whole cow and nobody says anything besides raise a clamor over dairy animals fertilizer (being sustained).”

Yadav additionally endeavored to stick the fault on local people by saying that they were agitated to the point, that the circumstance left hand.

“These vehicles were gotten from close Badarpur and Faridabad. We had earlier data around three vehicles (conveying meat). We got them and at that point local people were agitated to the point that nothing should be possible,” he included.

As per reports, in the video, the two men can be seen sitting out and about, with the invention of dairy animals fertilizer and pee before them, endeavoring to wash it down their throats with water.

The volunteers are seen urging the couple to eat the invention, giving them more water to make it less demanding.

They were likewise supposedly compelled to serenade ‘Gau Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as they gulped the blend.