Iceland is world’s “most secure” excursion spot

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London, Jul 1 : Iceland can be a perfect destination for your next occasion as it has been named as the world’s most secure excursion spot.

In light of the as of late discharged Global Peace Index (GPI) positioning, the Institute for Economics and Peace outlined the world’s most secure destinations, the Daily Mail reported.

Out of 163 nations considered, Iceland asserted the top spot for the 6th year running helped by its low murder rate and little populace. The nation burns through 242million dollars on viciousness, which is significantly littler than different spots.

Denmark came in at number two, while Austria came third because of its low weapon imports and tranquil majority rule government.

New Zealand is infrequently required in worldwide clash making it prime for the fourth place on the record.

At number five Portugal has minimal aggressive behavior at home, a high-security authorities check and extraordinarily low weapon.

The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada and Japan made it to, 6th, seventh, eighth and ninth spot, individually.