In BMW Hit-And-Run, Accused Mihir Shah Admits Was Driving But Not Drunk: Sources

Mihir Shah – the main accused in the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case – has admitted that he was driving the car when the accident occurred, but claimed he wasn’t drunk, police sources have said.

Mihir Shah was arrested last evening. A total of 12 people, including Shah’s mother and two sisters, were taken into custody.

The police had formed multiple teams to catch Mihir Shah, who was eventually tracked down to an apartment in Virar, which is around 65 km from Mumbai.

Mihir Shah was allegedly driving the BMW – after spending Rs 18,730 at a Juhu bar, where he partied for hours with four friends – when it rammed into the two-wheeler at 5.30 am on Sunday.

The woman who was killed has been identified as Kaveri Nakhwa, 45. She was with her husband, Pradip, who escaped with injuries. The two were reportedly shopping for fish to cook for a family meal.

The Mumbai accident has parallels to the Pune Porsche hit-and-run case when two software engineers riding a two-wheeler were killed. 

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