Infant Continues To Fight For Life Month After Delhi Hospital Fire That Killed 7

Over a month after a fire in the east Delhi children hospital killed seven newborns and injured five, an infant continues to fight for her life with breathing complications and burn injuries.

The parents — Rakesh and Karishma — recalled the horrific night and said that they remembered when they were standing outside the hospital balcony to know if their first child was alive.

On May 26, a fire tragedy at Baby Care New Born Hospital in east Delhi’s area claimed the lives of seven newborns and left five babies injured. Four of them were discharged after treatment.

“My daughter is still having breathing issues after the fire incident. However, her burn marks are healing with every passing day. She is still undergoing treatment in Chacha Nehra Bal Chikitsalaya,” Rakesh told PTI.

He said that they are worried about the future of their baby and have decided never to tell her about her burn scars. But they also want justice for the parents who lost their children in the fire.

“Currently I, along with my wife are giving our entire time in hospital. We both have taken leaves from our work and are focusing on her betterment,” he added.

The police had earlier said that during the investigation of the incident, they found that the hospital was operating despite the expiry of its license. It did not have qualified doctors nor did they have clearance from the fire department.

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