Jaipur BMW case: Police guardianship of Rajasthan lawmaker’s child broadened

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Jaipur (Rajasthan), June 7: The police authority of child of autonomous Rajasthan administrator Nand Kishor, Siddharth Mehariya, who was captured for professedly cutting down three individuals from his BMW auto, was on Thursday reached out by one day by a Jaipur Court.

Mehariya was on Monday sent to three-day police authority, which was to end today.

Three individuals were killed and five others harmed when a BMW auto supposedly determined by Siddharth smashed into an auto rickshaw and a police PCR van close St Xavier’s School in the city late on Friday night.

Siddharth’s legal counselor Deepak Chauhan said that the charges exacted against his customer were false, including a man named Ramesh was in charge of the mischance.

The legal advisor further said that Ramesh later on went to the police and said he was in charge of the mishap.

The police claimed that 20-year-old Siddharth was driving the vehicle in an intoxicated state.

The episode happened at around 1.50 a.m. whenever Siddharth and his cousin Jayant (19) were going to Jyoti Nagar in a BMW.

The three casualties were distinguished as Jethanand, Kailash and Vishnu.

Siddharth had cried foul, saying he was not driving the auto and it was his driver who created the mischance.

He additionally declined to the claims leveled by the police, saying wherever a major auto and youths are included, there is uncertainty of liquor utilization.