Lady Gaga music banned in China

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Johannesburg, June 30: All the Lady Gaga-fans in China, not any more Gaga music accessible for you.

The 30-year-old popular star’s music has allegedly been banned in China tailing her meeting with the Dalai Lama, reports Channel24.

The vocalist met with His Holiness, the fourteenth Dalai Lama, at the US Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis throughout the weekend for a discussion called The Global Significance of Building Compassionate Cities: Kindness Makes it Happen yet the meeting is said to have enraged authorities in China.

A video of the 19-minute experience, in which the pair contemplated issues, for example, reflection, emotional well-being and how to detoxify mankind, was posted on the artist’s Facebook account.

The meeting started a furious response from Beijing, which has assaulted the otherworldly pioneer as a “scoundrel.”

Taking after ” The Fame’ vocalist’s meeting, the Communist party’s secretive purposeful publicity division issued “an imperative direction” banning her whole collection from terrain China, Hong Kong’s expert majority rule government daily paper Apple Daily provided details regarding June 27.