Lata Mangeshkar to be granted ‘Banga Bibhusan’

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Kolkata, Sep 23: Legendary artist Lata Mangeshkar has kept in touch with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee giving her agree to acknowledge the “Banga Bibhusan” grant from the state government.

“I am profoundly overpowered by the letter of Lata Mangeshkar ji, simply got, passing on her kind agree to acknowledge Banga Bibhusan, the most noteworthy common honor of Bengal,” Banerjee said on Facebook.

“I will actually go to hand over the honor to her in Mumbai on twentieth October, 2016. Sanjeev Goenka ji and a couple of other recognized people will go with me,” Banerjee said.

“The affection, appreciation and adoration that Lata ji has for Bengal and the way she treasures her magnificent recollections with the state and diverse notorious identities of the state, as reflected in her letter, has touched me profoundly,” the CM said.

She additionally wished the ‘Songbird of India’ an upbeat birthday ahead of time in front of her 87th birthday one week from now.