Light to Medium rainfall in Bihar

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Patna, Sep 13: Light to direct precipitation happened at numerous spots in north-eastern, south-focal parts of Bihar and at a couple of different spots in the state, Met Department said today.

Overwhelming precipitation happened at maybe a couple places in the southern parts of the state, it said.

Of the four noteworthy urban areas, Bhagalpur enrolled 64.9 mm of precipitation in the previous 24 hours, while Purnea enlisted 38.9 mm precipitation even as Patna and Gaya got 2.3 mm and 1.8 mm of precipitation, individually, it said.

Bhagalpur recorded 6 mm of precipitation today (from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM) and Purnea got 5 mm while Gaya enlisted 4 mm of precipitation, the MeT office said, including that Patna got follow.

Bhagalpur recorded the most elevated greatest temperature at 34.7 degrees Celsius took after by 34.2 degrees Celsius in Purnea, 32.8 degrees Celsius in Gaya and 32.6 degrees Celsius in Patna, Met office said.

In its gauge for the following 24 hours for the state, the MeT division anticipated it would be for the most part a shady sky with moderate downpour or thundershowers tomorrow in four noteworthy urban communities of the state.

It will be somewhat overcast sky with maybe a couple spells of downpour or thundershower in the state capital tomorrow, while Gaya may witness by and large shady sky with a probability of downpour or thunder.

It will be by and large shady sky with moderate downpour in Bhagalpur, while Purnea is required to witness a for the most part shady sky with maybe a couple spells of downpour or thundershower.

Patna was the most moist spot at 94 for every penny took after by 91 for every penny of mugginess level each at Purnea, 89 for every penny each in Gaya, Bhaglpur.