UP making millions from Taj Mahal yet not able to ensure to protect it:NGT

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New Delhi, Aug 5: The National Green Tribunal has descended intensely on the Akhilesh Yadav government over dumping of strong waste in River Yamuna close to the Taj Mahal, saying the state was not able shield the seventeenth century landmark from which it was making “millions”.

“You are administration of Uttar Pradesh. You can’t shield the Taj Mahal from which you are making millions. You are dumping city strong waste in Yamuna simply behind Taj Mahal.

“Can there be a more prominent affront to a landmark which is a miracle of the world. It is stunning, what can the courts and tribunals do?” a seat headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar said.

The green board made the comments while criticizing the UP government, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Agra Development Authority and Agra Nagar Nigam for not guaranteeing cleanliness and legitimate transfer of untreated sewage in the stream.

The perception came while listening to a request by Agra occupant D K Joshi, who affirmed that widespread dumping of metropolitan strong waste in Yamuna has brought about stagnation of water in the waterway and ensuing development of greenish-dark colors on the notorious white marble because of reproducing of a bug.

Joshi had guaranteed that dumping of waste in Yamuna has prompted stagnation of the stream and “therefore the dangerous reproducing of a creepy crawly called ‘Chironomus Calligraphus’ (Geoldichironomus), which is a natural marker of water quality and confined water contamination.”

Alluding to a report of the Archeological Survey of India, the supplication, recorded through supporter Rahul Chaudhory, had said these creepy crawlies are recoloring the dividers of the Taj Mahal, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.