Woman In Bihar Runs Away With Another Man, Husband Marries Lover’s Wife In Revenge

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In a bizarre incident, a married woman ran away with another man and her husband married her lover’s wife to get revenge in Bihar’s Khagaria district.According to ETV Bharat, the woman, named Ruby Devi, tied the knot with a man named Neeraj in 2009. The couple had four children together. However, a few years later, Mr Neeraj discovered that his wife was having an extra-marital affair with a man named Mukesh.In February 2022, Ms Ruby and Mr Mukesh got married. When Ms Ruby’s husband found out, he filed a police complaint against Mr Mukesh for kidnapping his wife. As per the outlet, Mr Neeraj, in his complaint, claimed that a village panchayat was held to settle the matter but Mr Mukesh refused to comply and has been on the run since then.Mr Mukesh was also married and had two children. Interestingly, it turned out his wife’s name was also Ruby. In order to take revenge, Mr Neeraj decided to marry Mr Mukesh’s wife. The couple tied the knot in February 2023.The news of the bizarre marriages caught the attention of internet users. ”It was all Ruby devi’s husband’s plan from the start to marry Mukesh’s wife,” wrote one user. ”Married people are eloping with each other and here I’m still single,” said another.Now ajnabee isn’t just a movie. It’s a documentary. pic.twitter.com/m5Vsul0mWF— ऐ Harsh लड़का (@arpitlakra27) March 2, 2023Now that the balance sheet is matching (debit=credit) now the firm can merge/amalgamate ???— Real-Tea☕ (@MannNevaMatUchi) March 2, 2023A third user jokingly said, ”Every action has an equal reaction proved today. LHS =RHS,” while a fourth user added, ”Bro said ‘uno reverse’.””Their kids will be so confused!!” commented a fifth.