Messi to request against 21-month jail term for duty misrepresentation

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Madrid, July 7: Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi and his dad Jorge Messi will bid against a Spanish court decision to sentence each of them to 21 months in prison for duty misrepresentation.

Affirming the news, the legal counselors of Messi and his dad said that their customers would keep on fighting for their purity.

The bid against the judgment would be documented with the Portuguese Supreme Court, reported.

On Wednesday, the court in Barcelona decided that the 29-year-old footballer and his dad were accused of three numbers of duty misrepresentation, which added up to 4.1 million euros.

Other than the jail sentence, the court had additionally requested the Barcelona talisman and his dad to pay a fine of around 2 million euros and 1.5 million euros individually.

Be that as it may, the pair are unrealistic to serve at whatever time in the slammer as, as indicated by Spanish law, a sentence under two years can be served on post trial supervision furthermore since this was Messi’s first offense.

The Argentina footballer was discovered liable of utilizing assessment safe houses as a part of Belize and Uruguay and additionally shell organizations in the U.K. what’s more, Switzerland to abstain from paying 4.1 million euros on profit from picture rights from 2007 to 2009.