Modi requests that adolescents surrender arms, join standard

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New Delhi, Aug 15: Amid proceeded with viciousness in Jammu and Kashmir, upper east and Naxalism-hit territories, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the adolescent, who have waged war, to come back to their families and join the standard, saying the way of savagery has never profited anybody.

The Prime Minister, in his Independence Day discourse from the Red Fort, said an “amusement is being played to kill innocents under the attire of Maoism, and for the sake of militancy and fear”.

He said that in every one of these years, “the country has turned out to be more red with blood, however the individuals who strolled the way of terrorism picked up nothing”.

“I need to tell those adolescents that this nation will never endure savagery. This nation won’t endure terrorism.

This nation will never bow its head terrorism, at no other time Maoists.

“I am telling those young people that there is time left, returned and join the standard. Understand your folks’ desires. Lead a serene life. The way of viciousness has never profited anybody,” he said.

“On the off chance that Indian vote based system must be fortified, if the nation’s fantasies are to be satisfied, then viciousness will never be our way,” Modi said.