Mumbai Pub Explains Why BMW Crash Accused Mihir Shah, 23, Was Served Liquor

The accused in the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case allegedly used an identity card that showed his age as 27 at a pub where he and his friends went, sources said. Mihir Shah, who was arrested yesterday after a three-day chase, is 23 years old, according to official records, while the minimum legal drinking age is 25.

The pub’s management alleged Mr Shah showed them the identity card which showed he was 27 years old before they allowed him to enter. Three of his friends who went to the pub with him are over 30 years old.

A portion of the pub that was illegally built was demolished by the Mumbai civic agency yesterday.

Kaveri Nakva and her husband Pradik Nakva were on a two-wheeler when the BMW driven by Mr Shah, the son of sacked Shiv Sena leader Rajesh Shah, rammed the scooty and sped away.

The police have said many CCTV footage have captured the speeding BMW dragging the woman stuck on the bonnet. Mr Shah stopped the car after dragging Ms Nakva for 1.5 km, and then exchanged seats with his driver.

He removed the woman’s body from underneath the engine bay and the bumper, and left the body on the road. His driver then reversed the BMW and ran over the woman’s body before the car disappeared from CCTV view.

The police said Mr Shah’s friends were involved in trying to destroy evidence. Mr Shah will be made to speak face-to-face with another arrested accused, Rajrishi Bidawat, to look into the facts and discrepancies in the case.

The BMW’s number plate was removed and thrown away after the accident, the police said, adding they need to check whether Mr Shah dialled anyone for help to destroy evidence after the accident. A police officer said it is necessary to investigate who helped Mr Shah evade the police for three days.

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