Muslim leader ought to sharpen youth on taking right way: BJP

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New Delhi, July 7: Following reports that no less than one of the terrorists required in a strike on a bistro in Dhaka on July 1 was propelled by Islamic speaker Zakir Naik, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) representative G.V.L. Narasimha Rao on Thursday said Muslim pioneers and ministers ought to guide youth to keep away from the way of terrorism.

“Bangladeshi specialists are reporting that a portion of the terrorists who executed the devious and repulsive assault a week ago really were affected by the preachings of Zakir Naik,” Rao said.

“In the present situation, we expect the evangelists, the masters and Muslim pioneers to advise the adolescent to take the right way,” Rao.

The Indian government on July 6 showed making a move against Naik.

“The Government of India is as of now looking at the matter and every single proper move will be made to guarantee that individuals don’t spread this sort of disdain, give any sort of scorn messages to stage dread assaults on blameless individuals over the world,” Rao included.

It has been accounted for that activist Rohan Imtiaz, the child of an Awami League pioneer, ran purposeful publicity on Facebook a year ago citing Naik.

A video has surfaced indicating Congress pioneer Digvijay Singh hailing Naik as the person who spreads peace on the planet.

“Presently it is not exceptional for political pioneers to be at open capacities regardless of the fact that its otherworldly pioneers or others. Be that as it may, on the off chance that he’s seen commending this specific man of honor, then Mr. Jigvijay Singh needs to give elucidation and turn out straightforwardly what his perspectives are on Mr. Naik as far as the Taliban,” said another BJP pioneer, Nalin Kohli.

Naik, in his address circulated on Peace TV – a global Islamic channel – had supposedly “encouraged all Muslims to be terrorists”.

“Some person needs to comprehend that terrorism is against mankind. Religion talks and otherworldly musings are for mankind. Along these lines, anything terrorism does is against humankind and their hardest activity must be there. Any individual who bolsters terrorism specifically or in a roundabout way discovers reasons or avocation for terrorism and is similarly risky on the grounds that they are helping terrorism develop,” Kohli included.

Naik is among 16 banned Islamic researchers in Malaysia.

He is massively mainstream in Bangladesh through his Peace TV, in spite of the fact that his preachings frequently belittle different religions and even other Muslim orders, the report said.