Neerja Movie Review ****

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Audit: Neerja is the most youthful little girl and the main young lady in a family that has two more established siblings. She is tended to as Laddo(loved one) by her guardians, Rama(Shabana) and writer father Harish(Yogendra Tiku). Her dad’s life lessons to her are, `don’t let anybody slaughter your soul.’ Quite like her screen icon, Rajesh Khanna from the motion picture Anand, the vivacious youth, needs to live `a badi(big) life not a long one.’ Though she’s bone-tired between her displaying assignments, Neerja loves to fly. One game changing day, the plane is captured by Libyan terrorists when it makes a stop at Karachi. The spunky attendant cautions the pilots in the cockpit about the seize. Be that as it may, she stays back to shield the travelers.

The account of this Indian beti is surely understood but then chief Ram Madhvani gives us invite supported review with his deft narrating. The in-flight show between firearm `n’- explosive toting men and a plane-heap of hapless casualties, abandons you furious. The film makes you sob and grieve the progressing demonstrations of worldwide terrorism. Between the strife, the chief likewise permits you a glance at Neerja’s harried marriage. Yes, she has her purposes behind being the courageous heart she is. Having fled from a heartbreaking organization together to a male extremist, Neerja has guaranteed herself that if at any point life gives her another open door, she will look at misfortune without flinching. Be that as it may, darn it, 23 is still no age to pass on.

Sonam’s Neerja unobtrusively seals a spot in your heart. There are no showy behavior; she’s noble, solid and genuine. Shabana as the deprived mother makes her misery yours, her little girl’s heavenliness additionally yours. Yogendra Tiku loans capable backing and Khalil(theatre performing artist, Jim Sarbh) as the twisted terrorist is dynamite.

This one raises a toast to the overwhelming soul of India’s girls; each one of us must salute Neerja.