NGT permits enrollment of 6 SPG transports with rider

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New Delhi, Sep 16: The National Green Tribunal today guided Delhi’s vehicle office to enlist six new diesel transports for Special Protection Group (SPG) subject to the condition that it submits destroying endorsement of its old vehicles.

A seat headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar conceded the alleviation to SPG and solicited it to record skeleton numbers from disassembled vehicles before the concerned power with the end goal of enlistment of new vehicles.

The green board passed the request after backer Balendu Shekhar, showing up for SPG, said that colossal lack has been made in its engine transport armada and its operational productivity in giving insurance to its VIP protectees, including the Prime Minister.

He said the division has as of now censured 18 old vehicles and is in procedure of disassembling the rest of the 10 transports as they have crossed 10 years old.

Delhi government contradicted SPG’s request and said that enrollment of diesel-run vehicles ought to be permitted simply after installment of 30 for each penny Environment Compensation Charge according to the Supreme Court request.

Countering the contention, Shekhar said the peak court request connected to just autos and SUVs. Additionally, according to the 2001 Supreme Court request in M C Mehta case, SPG vehicles are dealt with as a different class other than rescue vehicle and jail vans, he said.

SPG had drawn nearer the green board looking for enrollment of its new vehicles, as the tribunal had a year ago banned the enlistment of new diesel vehicles and additionally their re-enrollment following 10 years.

It had said SPG had restrictive command under the law to give security spread to most critical identities including Prime Minister, and their relatives who are helpless for high security risk and it needs to bring every single satisfactory measure with logistics to satisfy its obligation.