No temporary position offered to Indian understudy, clears up NASA

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NASA on Thursday cleared up that no Indian understudy had been offered an opportunity to be a piece of the “Goddard Internship Program” — such a progam, it said, does not by any means exist.

Reacting to reports in India around a 18-year-old young lady from West Bengal sacking the “prestigious temporary job”, NASA’s Public Affairs Specialist Leslie McCarthy told India

The system noted by numerous Indian media outlets does not exist. We have no record of any understudy named Sataparna Mukherjee being conceded an entry level position, grant or any type of scholastic honor from our establishment or by NASA.

In the course of recent days, the account of the 18-year-old young lady from West Bengal getting an entry level position with NASA has been grabbed by numerous standard media houses and celebrated on online networking.

The reports said Mukherjee, a Class XII understudy, has been chosen for the Goddard Internship Program under Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Truth be told, no ‘Goddard Internship Program’ exists.

McCarthy illuminated that the training system is known as the Climate Change Research Initiative (CCRI) for which applications shut on March 1. “Applications for our mid year project are presently under survey. Determinations have not been made,” she included.

Passing by the convention of the foundation, just understudies living inside of 50 miles of the area in New York City are granted temporary positions, McCarthy conceded.

The reports said Mukherjee will get the opportunity to finish her graduation, post-graduation and PhD at NASA’s London Astrobiology Center, which additionally sadly does not exist. “The Goddard Institute for Space Studies has no offices in London,” affirmed McCarthy.