‘Odd-even alone insufficient to handle air contamination’

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New Delhi, Apr 27: The odd-even plan alone is insufficient to handle air contamination in Delhi and government needs to receive a multi-pronged technique, including sponsoring electric autos and bikes, a senior specialist at AIIMS managing in respiratory ailments said today.

Talking at an occasion in front of the World Asthma Day on May 3, Dr Randeep Guleria, Head of Respiratory Medicine, AIIMS, said, “Odd even equation alone can’t cut down the contamination levels. It is great as it declines the quantity of vehicles and in a roundabout way cuts down vehicular contamination. Be that as it may, it won’t work in the long haul.”

“We need different arrangements and embrace a multi-pronged methodology to manage the issue. Why wouldn’t we be able to sponsor electric autos and bikes? They are environment well disposed,” he said, cautioning that individuals would go for another auto if odd-even plan is brought back over and over.

Dr Guleria emphatically pitched for enhancing the nature of autos and fuel furthermore actualizing strict standards for outflows as option approaches to handle air contamination.

“It will be some time when we will have a hearty open transport framework. So in the mean time, we ought to work at enhancing the nature of autos and the fuel utilized,” he said.

Refering to nations in Europe and America, he said that notwithstanding having an extensive number of vehicles, the contamination levels are low “in light of strict standards in vehicular outflow.

They are not allowed to have low quality fuel and motors must be implicit such a path, to the point that outflow is low”.

“This may bring about high consumption at the end of the day when you adjust it out with the wellbeing impacts, then this expense won’t make any difference in the long haul,” he said. .