Odisha Man Carries Wife’s Body After Auto Driver Refuses To Take Them Home

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The police in Andhra Pradesh came to the rescue of a 33-year-old tribal man who was carrying his wife’s body on his shoulder back home in Odisha.He started walking along a highway with the body after an auto rickshaw driver refused to take them home and he had no money to arrange another vehicle, officials said.Some locals in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram spotted him and informed the police – who then pooled in money to help him, they said.Ede Samulu from Odisha’s Koraput had admitted his ailing wife Ede Guru to a hospital in Visakhapatnam’s Sangivalasa.The doctors advised him to take her back to their village – Sorada in Odisha – after she stopped responding to the treatment.He hired an auto-rickshaw to return to his village – about 130 km away from the hospital – but his wife died midway near Vizianagaram.Left with no money after paying Rs 2,000 to the auto rickshaw driver, Ede Samulu walked several km carrying his wife’s body on his shoulder.After the locals spotted the man, police inspector TV Tirupati Rao and Sub-Inspector Kiran Kumar Naidu collected Rs 10,000 to arrange an ambulance for him.