Old Video Shows Buffalo Miraculously Escaping From The Clutches Of Five Lions

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An old video has surfaced on the internet which shows a group of lions preparing to feed on a water buffalo. The pride includes two male lions and three females. Moments later, two lionesses get into a fight and five of them begin to attack each other.Taking advantage of the situation, the buffalo get up from the ground and is seen casually walking away. However, the buffalo seems injured and is able to join its group of buffaloes.The video was posted by the Twitter page, Weird and Terrifying. The caption of the clip reads, “Lions fight while eating a water buffalo, then it casually walks off.”Watch the video here:Lions fight while eating a water buffalo, then it casually walks off pic.twitter.com/lEt2pApFT3— Weird and Terrifying (@weirdterrifying) January 21, 2023The video has collected 7.1 million views on Twitter and has triggered an array of reactions on the microblogging site. A user wrote, “I dunno if that’s casually walking off or badly wounded might bleed to death.”Another user wrote, “Getting distracted and losing site of what’s important might be putting your survival at risk.”The third user wrote, “Not a “water buffalo”. A young Cape Buffalo, apparently strayed from the herd, otherwise the herd would be busy killing that lion pride.”The fourth user commented, “For the buffalo, literally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat…”