Pak Army Chief underwrites demise penaltyof 11 militants

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Islamabad, Aug 16: Pakistan’s Army boss General Raheel Sharif today affirmed the capital punishments of 11 “bad-to-the-bone terrorists” who were indicted by extraordinary military courts for their inclusion in killings of senior police and military authorities and partisan savagery in the nation.

They were granted capital punishment by the extraordinary military courts which were set up taking after the Peshawar school assault of Dec 16, 2014 to assist disciplines against individuals sentenced under dread charges.

A military representative said that those discovered blameworthy by the courts were included in “grievous offenses”.

“Today Chief of Army Staff affirmed capital punishments granted to another 11 no-nonsense terrorists, who were included in submitting appalling offenses identified with terrorism,” it said.

Those sentenced included activists who had murdered a senior cop in Balochistan, DIG Fayyaz Sumbal, and armed force’s Major Majeed.

Different convicts were included in partisan killings, grabbing and murdering of regular folks and work force of Frontier Constabulary and armed force.

They were additionally accused of the wrongdoings of crushing schools and correspondence framework.

It is not clear when and where their trials were held and finished, as armed force courts work in mystery because of trepidation of countering by aggressors.