We Pakistanis ought to support our Kashmiri siblings, says Hafeez Saeed

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Lahore, July 13: Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) boss Hafeez Saeed said that the continuous dissents on the Indian side of Kashmir would be heightened and cautioned that the passings in the area would not be futile.

Tending to a meet in Lahore on Tuesday, Saeed said, “This time the general population in Kashmir are on boulevards. This dissent has turned into a mass development. All gatherings in Kashmir have joined together. Every one of the wings of the Hurriyat have ended up one. The Muttahida Jihad Council and every single other gathering have made advances on the same stage. The individuals who have kicked the bucket in Kashmir, their passings won’t be futile.”

More than 30 individuals were executed and a few others harmed, with both individuals and security strengths turning antagonistic in challenge related viciousness in the Kashmir Valley, after Kashmiris took to the roads to denounce the slaughtering of Hizbul Mujahideen officer Burhan Muzaffar Wani.

Saeed attested that the general population in Pakistan ought to bolster Kashmiris.

“We Pakistani ought to bolster our Kashmiri siblings. Their sweat, blood is our sweat and blood. Their mindset is likewise our state of mind,” he said.

“We in Pakistan will strengthen the development which is occurring in Kashmir. At the point when Pakistan hold hands in this development with Kashmir then Kashmir will turn out to be a piece of Pakistan,” he included.

Saeed, who is the prime charged in the 26/11 Mumbai fear assault case, advised individuals here to make the development a national one.

“We need to take the development to national level so that even the legislature of Pakistan comprehends the matter,” he said.