Police official blamed for kidnapping discovered dead

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Bengaluru, Jul 6 : A police official blamed for hijacking a man for payoff was discovered hanging in his dad – in-law’s home in Belagavi region even as CID started a test into the claimed kidnapping case.

The group of DySP of Chikkamagaluru sub-division Kallappa Handibag (35) was yesterday discovered swinging from the roof of the house at Murgod, police said.

A man named Tejas Gowda in a grumbling had blamed the officer for being required in his kidnapping for payoff. The DySP had been fleeing subsequent to.

Gowda had charged he was snatched by a pack on June 28 and discharged simply after Rs 10 lakh were paid to the officer.

He had additionally guaranteed he had the recordings of the telephonic discussion about giving over the cash to the officer.

As per police, CID authorities have gone by the station where Handibag was posted and quarters where he was living in Chikkamagaluru. They will likewise be addressing Gowda.

Authorities said CID is additionally liable to visit Murgod where Handibag was discovered dead, and will investigate assertions of “badgering” by senior authorities.

Handibag’s last ceremonies were performed toward the end of last night at his local spot Hulgund in Raibaga Taluk. His family has affirmed he was pestered by senior authorities.