Previous Pak PM Gilani rejects paying payoff for child’s discharge

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Karachi, May 13: Former leader Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday rejected “gossipy tidbits” flowing on online networking with respect to the arrival of his child Ali Haider Gilani following three years in detainment.

“All individuals on online networking are not our companions. There might be some other individuals on online networking who don’t care for us,” the previous leader said because of an inquiry whether pay-off cash was paid for his child’s discharge, reports Dawn.

Gilani said that his child was recouped after a fruitful military operation completed by the US and Afghan strengths in Afghanistan.

There had been a military operation on an outside nation’s dirt, leaving a few al-Qaeda terrorists dead. This brought about the arrival of Ali Haider from Afghanistan.

The PPP pioneer praised the endeavors of the US and Afghan strengths for the protected recuperation of his child.

Gilani said that he got a few telephone calls, complimenting him over his child’s recuperation.

Ali Haider landed in Lahore before on Wednesday in the wake of being saved amid a counter-dread assault by the US and Afghan strengths in eastern Afghanistan Tuesday.

He was abducted by the aggressors in the edges of Multan on May 9, 2013, only two days before a sharply challenged national decision in which he was battling.