Priced At Rs 75 Lakh Each, These Beetles Are The Worlds Costliest Insects

Did you know that an insect can cost as much Rs 75 lakh?  The ‘stag beetle’ is one of the most expensive insects in the world. 

So, what makes it so special? A stag beetle is expensive because it is quite rare and believed to be a lucky charm. Some think that keeping a stag beetle can make you rich overnight. 

These insects represent a “significant saproxylic assemblage in forest ecosystems and are noted for their enlarged mandibles and male polymorphism,” read a recent study in the Scientific Data journal.

Life span

As per the London-based Natural History Museum, these insects weigh between 2-6 grams and have an average lifespan of 3-7 years. While the males are 35-75mm long, the females are 30-50mm in length. They are also used for medicinal purposes.

The name of the stag beetle has been derived from the distinctive mandibles that are found on the male ones, resembling an antler of stags. The male stag beetles use their distinctive, antler-like jaws to battle each other for the chance to mate with females during the breeding season.

Where can they be found?

Stag beetles thrive in warm, tropical environments and are sensitive to cold temperatures. They naturally inhabit woodlands, but can also be found in hedgerows, traditional orchards, and urban areas like parks and gardens, where dead wood is abundant. 

What do they eat?

Adult stag beetles primarily feed on sweet liquids like tree sap and the juice from rotting fruit. They mainly rely on the energy reserves they accumulated during their larval stage, which sustains them throughout their adult life.

The larvae of stag beetles feed on dead wood, using their sharp jaws to scrape and extract splinters from the fibrous surface. Since they exclusively feed on dead wood, stag beetles do not pose a threat to living trees or shrubs, making them harmless to healthy vegetation. 

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