Rights activists urge India to give shelter to Bugti

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Kolkata, Sept 23: Expressing solidarity with the general population of Balochistan, human rights activists in Kolkata today encouraged the Indian government to give Baloch pioneer Brahamdagh Bugti political haven.

President and originator of Baloch Republican Party, Brahamdagh Bugti’s application looking for political haven in India was yesterday gotten by the Home Ministry, which said it was inspecting it.

The activists additionally encouraged the Union government to take up the issue at the world discussion and “uncover the gross infringement of human rights by Pakistan in Balochistan”.

“We need to enlist our challenge the claimed genocide and gross infringement executed by ISI and its partners against the inhabitants in Balochistan,” Joydip Mukerjee, the General Secretary of the All India Legal Aid Forum, said.

“We give our ethical backing in their battle against the extraordinary strategies of wiping out peace-adoring subjects of Balochistan under the authority of Brahamdagh Bugti, who is in a state of banishment and looking for a shelter in India,” he said.

“We feel that India ought to raise the issue at the world gathering with the goal that Pakistan can be uncovered and this gross infringement of human rights can be ceased. We likewise feel that India ought to offer shelter to Bugti,” he said.

Bugti is the grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, a Baloch patriot pioneer murdered by the Pakistani armed force in 2006.

The Pakistani government had pointed the finger at India for helping Bugti escape Pakistan to Geneva in 2010 through Afghanistan.