Rolls-Royce Ghost Breaks Down On Flooded Delhi Road, Internet Says “Use Alto”

A video of a luxury car stuck on a flooded road in Delhi has gone viral on the internet, shocking social media users. The video shows a black Rolls-Royce Ghost trapped in the middle of a waterlogged Delhi street with its hazard lights on as other vehicles easily pass by. The video was recorded by a man driving a Maruti Suzuki vehicle.

”No matter the price of the car, the whole point of having a car is to be able to drive it whenever you want. Sad to see a Rolls Royce Ghost breaking down in waterlogged roads of Delhi. The sadder thing is how the infrastructure is in the capital of India,” the caption of the video shared on Instagram read. 

Watch the video here:

The video which has left many shocked at the performance of the luxury car, also elicited several amusing responses. One user wrote, ”Rolls-Royce got Ghosted.” Another commented, ”What’s the rated water wading capacity for these luxury cars? When cheap cars have no issues with this water depth.”

A third said, ”That’s watch ya get if you drive this kind of car in India during monsoon.” A fourth wrote, ”The problem with luxury cars is the brakes will lock when u get Suck in water, it won’t release untill people technician comes.”

A fifth added, ”it’s a shame the car couldn’t cope with water while other pass by easily. I wonder what’s the point of buying such an expensive car.”

Notably, rains in the national capital last week caused traffic congestion and waterlogging in several parts of the city. Commuters at many places in Delhi faced inconvenience as traffic police received several calls for waterlogging issues, traffic congestions and fallen trees. This unprecedented rainfall has highlighted the shortcomings in the city’s infrastructure.

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