Shobhaa De has offended sportspersons:Vinod Tawde

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Mumbai, Aug 10: Maharashtra Sports Minister Vinod Tawde today said creator Shobhaa De has “offended” Indian competitors by “taunting” they had gone to Rio Olympics to take selfies and “return with next to nothing”.

“Just the individual who has figured out how to achieve the Olympics knows the diligent work and endeavors that go into fitting the bill for the games occasion,” he said.

“Saying a wonder such as this in regards to the players is an affront to them,” Tawde, who additionally holds Higher and Technical Education portfolios, said.

De had scrutinized the Indian competitors in a tweet and said their point was just to click selfies and return with no decoration.

The tweet incensed numerous who hammered and trolled her.

Taking after the kickback, De had thought of another tweet putting the fault on authorities and not on the competitors.

“Official disregard fundamental motivation behind why we toll so ineffectively amid each Olympics, not simply Rio. Troublesome for competitors to “contend” with this obstacle,” she had tweeted.