TasteAtlas Shares List Of Top 10 Best And Worst Indian Dishes And Indians Are Not Agreeing To It

Among all the things we are proud of as Indians, food is one the most important ones. From the delicious street bites on the go to the luxurious thalis and rich, creamy dishes, we can’t have enough of any of these. It is not just us who are obsessed with our food, we also attract foodies from all around the globe to try our exclusive cuisines. Now, a popular travel and food guide platform, TasteAtlas has also jumped on the bandwagon and released a list of top ‘Best rated’ as well as ‘Worst rated’ Indian food across the globe. Sharing a post on Instagram, TasteAtlas has shared an image ranking Indian dishes.

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“From best to the worst rated Indian foods,” read the caption. Take a look at the list here:

While the best-rated food items on the list are something we all would totally agree with, it is the ‘worst-rated ones’ that have stirred controversy and Indians do not agree with it at all.

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TasteAtlas has placed mango lassi, the delicious summer essential on the top, calling it the best Indian dish. Well, we cannot agree more. Next up is chai masala, another everyday essential for us. Then, on the third rank, comes the soft and yummy bread item – butter garlic naan, followed by Amritsari kulcha and butter chicken on the fourth and fifth rank respectively.

Meanwhile, Hyderabadi biryani (6th rank), shahi paneer (7th rank), chole bhature (8th rank), tandoori chicken (9th rank) and korma (10th rank) also grabbed their spots in the top 10 list, and deservingly so.

However, the other list here might totally surprise you. Among the worst-rated items, it is Jal jeera that has grabbed the first place. The popular North Indian summer drink has received 2.7 stars out of 5. The other items in this list include gajak, thengai sadam (coconut rice from South India), panta bhat, aloo baingan, thandai, achappam (a cookie from Kerala), mirchi ka salan, malpua and upma.

As expected, social media users didn’t agree with the items placed on this list and have reacted strongly. 

“Who rated this? Let me guess, A westerner,” said a user. 

“Such a half-baked list put together by someone who either hasn’t experienced Indian food or has a small palate… Anyways, like I say food too is very subjective,” said another one.

“You really need to ask Indians to rate these dishes,” suggested a few.

A person humorously quipped, “Whoever put achappam and mirch ka salan in that list needs to be fired.”

Which items in either of the TasteAltas lists you don’t agree with?

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