Terror assault: France announces three-day national grieving

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Washington, July 15: France has pronounced a three-day national grieving from Saturday onwards in the fallout of the Nice dread assault that killed around 84 individuals, including nonnatives. The assault happened when an expansive truck furrowed into a group observing Bastille Day in the southern French city of Nice. Denouncing the assault, French President Francois Hollande has said the assault was “obviously” of a “terrorist nature” and declared the augmentation of the highly sensitive situation by an additional three months, reports the Guardian. “The assault was “obviously” of a ‘terrorist nature’. The highly sensitive situation that was actualized in the wakeful of the November dread assaults in Paris and should end on July 26 will be stretched out by an additional three months,” said President Hollande. The driver of the truck was shot dead by police. Powers said the man had been discharging on the group and police as he drove, and that the truck was stacked with weapons and projectiles. Examinations are in progress. In the interim, pioneers from around the globe indicated solidarity with France and censured the assault.