Twitter Sued For Not Paying Rent Again, This Time By UK’s Crown Estate

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Twitter is being sued in the United Kingdom by the Crown Estate for allegedly failing to pay rent at its London headquarters, as per a report in the BBC. The Crown Estate manages the United Kingdom’s monarch King Charles III’s property. The alleged rental arrears relate to office space near Piccadilly Circus in central London, the outlet further said.They took legal action and filed a claim in the High Court in London after previously contacting Twitter about rental arrears over office space at Air Street. The Daily Telegraph reported that Twitter signed a 2.6-million-pounds-a-year lease for the third floor, but the dispute is over rent arrears on the first floor of the same building.The Crown Estate is one of the UK’s largest landowners, and even though the portfolio is owned by the monarch, it is not private property. The estate’s revenue goes to the Treasury for public spending and the monarch receives the sovereign grant in exchange, the outlet stated.According to the BBC, Twitter is yet to comment on the latest allegations made by the Crown Estate.Elon Musk owned company was also sued by a landlord in San Francisco, California, today for defaulted rent. SRI Nine Market Square LLC claimed that Twitter failed to pay approximately $3.4 million in rent for the month of December, as well as a similar payment for January. The landlord is not seeking any other damages in addition to the rent payments, according to Bloomberg.The New York Times said earlier this month that Twitter plans to sell usernames in order to increase revenue. The report came days after the company announced a series of cost-cutting measures, including not paying rent on its headquarters and firing janitors in the majority of its offices. The company had also asked its Singapore employees to empty their offices and vacate their desks in the beginning of January.