UK Cabbie Paid 100 Pounds As Parking Fine For Stopping To Talk To Parking Staff

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An Uber driver in Britain was indignant after being hit with a 100-pound fine for stopping to ask a parking attendant about the rules of a free parking space.Gerald Stenberg, 70, of Formby, who has been a private hire driver for 20 years, was slapped with a fine after being told he had stopped in a prohibited zone. The odd thing about this incident is that the cab driver had stopped to speak with a parking attendant about persistent problems with Liverpool John Lennon Airport’s (JLA) free parking that he and other drivers had been experiencing.”About a week after my friend had to pay, I was just coming out of the free parking lot,” he said.”I happened to see the parking camera van, so I thought I’d go over to ask what was happening with the parking lots.””I pulled up, spoke to the lady in the van, and her advice was “go in for free but don’t stay longer than 40 minutes because you never know when they’re going to fix it.”I said they haven’t put any signs up, and it says “free passage.”According to The Metro News, Mr. Gerald claimed that the next thing that occurred to him was receiving a penalty notice fining him 100 pounds, or a reduced rate of 60 pounds if he pays up immediately.He said the fine was “ruthless,” adding, “They need better signage.I park in the free car park every day, and I wanted to know what was going on.”Mr Gerald’s fine was issued for “Stopping in a Zone Where Stopping is Prohibited,” according to the paperwork.