Vice President Keeps His Promise, Meets His School Teacher Ratna Nair In Kerala

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Keeping his promise, the Vice-President, Jagdeep Dhankhar and Dr Sudesh Dhankhar met his school teacher Ms Ratna Nair at Panniannur Gram Panchayat, Kannur district, Kerala on Monday.Expressing her happiness, Ms Nair told Vice President that “there can’t be a better Guru Dakshina than this.”During her meeting with the Vice President, Ms Nair remembered Jagdeep Dhankhar as “a young boy in khaki, sitting in the first row, fully concentrated in the class”.”He was a very active, well-disciplined and obedient boy who excelled in all activities inside & outside the class. He was a good debater, a good sportsperson & good at academics too,” she mentioned.”Sainik School Chittorgarh is a boarding school and students spend approximately 9 months a year with their teachers, so they develop long-lasting bonds with teachers. Parents used to visit a school in between. I remember Jagdeep’s father was very regular at these meetings. He used to visit the school every month to monitor the progress of both his sons,” she said..@VPIndia Jagdeep Dhankhar at the residence of his former teacher Ratna Nair at Mele Champad near Thalassery in Kannur district. Mr Dhankar was her student at the Sainik School at Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.— All India Radio News (@airnewsalerts) May 22, 2023The teacher and her family welcomed the Vice President with coconut water. Ms Nair also served the Vice President homemade idli and banana chips.Though many of her students are in high positions, mostly in forces & police, it is the first time that one of them has reached the 2nd highest constitutional position in the country, and Ms Ratna is justifiably proud of her “Jagdeep”.AN Shamseer, Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly was also present.Mr Dhankhar was sworn in as India’s 14th vice president on August 11, 2022.Born on May 18, 1951, in an agrarian household in a village in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district, Mr Dhankhar completed his school education at Sainik School, Chittorgarh. After finishing his graduation in physics, he pursued LLB from the University of Rajasthan. Despite being a first-generation professional, he became one of the leading lawyers in the state.Mr Dhankhar was appointed as the Governor of West Bengal in 2019. He resigned from the post of West Bengal Governor on July 17 after his name was announced as the vice Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).