Video: US Football Team Fans Get In Huge Fight After Playoff Loss

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American football team, Dallas Cowboys lost to the 49ers in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs. Now, disturbing footage has surfaced on social media which shows Cowboys fans fighting amongst themselves.The clip posted by Dj_Larry Jones shows one fan falling on the floor, whilst a group of others land punches outside of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.In another video, people can be seen tossing drinks in the direction of a brawler, security even tried to break up the brawl. According to New York Post, a separate incident appeared to break out near a concession stand, according to a different video shared Sunday by the Dallas Texas TV account, with security personnel quickly responding to the scene.Watch the video:DALLAS COWBOYSFANS BRAWL AT AT&T STADIUM… Wild Fights At Playoff Watch Party#thepowerhour #tmz #news— Dj_Larry Jones (@Dj_LarryJones) January 23, 2023According to media reports, no arrests were made. Media reports said that it was a frustrating match for the cowboys. According to Mirror, in the playoffs, the Cowboys had seconds on the clock while they attempted to go downfield, but poor management saw them leave the field with nothing. It was initially looking good for the Cowboys, as they scored the opening touchdown of the game, although the extra point was once again missed by kicker Brett Maher. But their offence couldn’t break through again, and an injury to Tony Pollard really hampered their chances.The 49ers won the match and will face the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.