Video Of Indian Army Testing Jetpack Suit In Agra Amazes Internet

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In a bid to increase tactical mobility along sensitive border areas, including borders with China, the Indian Army has started testing jetpack suits developed by a British company Gravity Industries. A demonstration of the device was held at the Indian Army Airborne Training School (AATS) in Agra, officials announced on Tuesday. Taking to Twitter, the Indian Aerospace Defence News (IADN) shared a video showing Gravity Industries founder, Richard Browning, giving a demo of its jetpack system and flying over a water body and fields in Agra on Monday. “Yesterday, Richard Browning the founder of #Gravity Industries gave a demo of their #Jetpack system to the Indian Army in #Agra,” the tweet read. Watch the videos below: Yesterday, Richard Browning the founder of #Gravity Industries gave a demo of their #Jetpack system to the Indian Army in #Agra.The #IndianArmy has issued the requirement to procure 48 such systems.#IADN— Indian Aerospace Defence News (IADN) (@NewsIADN) February 28, 2023In the clips, Mr Browning can be seen flying over buildings like it’s a walk in the park. He is wearing a suit and has three jet engines, one on the back and two on either hand, that help him navigate smoothly in the air.Since being shared, the videos have accumulated thousands of likes and comments. “Very nice. Might be used in rescue operations, to reach critical and difficult locations, lifting/dropping stuff/persons from one place to another. Laser guided weapon system with control in hand can be added to make it lethal. In civil/forest areas also, it might be used,” wrote one user. “Many Congratulations and best wishes to Indian Army and Indian defence sectors for growing their technologies,” commented another. Also Read | PM Wanted To Thank People From Northeast After Big Win. Here’s What He DidIn the caption of the post, the IADN informed that the Indian Army has issued the requirement to procure 48 jet pack suits under emergency procurement through the fast track procedure (FTP). In a following tweet, the officials also wrote that the AATS in Agra imparts training in aerial delivery and air transportation of men and material. It also carries out research and trials about air portability and para-dropping of various types of equipment.Notably, the jetpack suit is a device that propels the wearer through the air. The device uses gas or liquid to propel the user to fly. As per previous reports, the testing of the jetpack suit comes amid a time when the Indian Army has been bolstering its overall surveillance apparatus along the nearly 3,500-km Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China following the eastern Ladakh border row that began in May 2020.