Man’s Easy Maths-Approved Garlic Bread Hack Gets You More Bang For Your Buck

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Ordering food from our favourite restaurants has become a costly affair. A simple order of a main course, appetiser and dessert sets us back by quite a considerable amount. Thus, we are always on the lookout for ways to save money and make the most of the offers, discounts and price reductions available on ordering food from restaurants. Recently, a man named Simon Harris took to X (formerly Twitter) to explain how you could actually buy garlic bread at a much cheaper price from popular pizza chain Domino’s. He even gave an interesting mathematical explanation for it.Shared on September 9, the post has received over 5.3 million views and 26k likes. Along with a long explanation of the garlic bread hack, he shared a photograph of the result of his calculations. “Maths is important,” he began the tweet by saying. Then, he shared how Domino’s charges nearly 6 pounds or Rs 622 for a portion of cheesy garlic bread. Rather, Harris suggested that you could instead create your own garlic bread by customising a small 9.5-inch pizza for 8 pounds or Rs 830. Further, you could remove the tomato sauce from it and add garlic spread to it instead. Thus, you would get more garlic bread at a lower price per square inch of garlic bread.”You’re paying £2.01 more (33%), but you’re getting 150.7% more cheesy garlic bread,” shared Harris in his post. “If you’re feeding a few people or whatever, creating your own cheesy garlic bread becomes an even better proposition,” he added. Take a look at the full post here:Maths is important. Domino’s charge £5.99 for a cheesy garlic bread side order, which is six inches in diameter, which is 28.26 square inches of cheesy garlic bread, working out at 21p per square inch.You can also create your own small (9.5 inches in diameter) pizza for £8,…— Simon Harris – Man Behaving Dadly (THAT’S DADLY) (@simonharris_mbd) September 9, 2023Also Read: 5 Fun And Easy-To-Make Garlic Bread RecipesA number of foodies and garlic bread lovers reacted to the post by Harris. “You could also make your own, that would be much cheaper,” suggested one user. “Is the taste the same,” questioned another user. “Maths is important. Good work,” commented another user. Take a look at the reactions:Except you won’t be able to fully remove the tomato sauce – the juice will have soaked into the dough giving a tomato flavour to your garlic bread. Which maybe fine but also not.— Thomass Beserker (@BeserkerThomass) September 10, 2023Simon, I used to work for domino’s, don’t quote me on this, but you need to ensure its deep pan. We sized up for deep pan, I think the garlic bread dough balls also made small standard pizzas. Pizzas also cooked on a rack, not in a butter retaining GB cast iron dish. Hth!— Geoff (@kwoade) September 9, 2023Where is everyone finding the garlic spread in the menu? Everytime I look I only get the option for tomato or BBQ :-(Been wanting to make a bigger version for ages!— DJ (@littledj1706) September 9, 2023Amazing. My only complaint? It’s Pretty unfair that nobody else will ever get a chance to win the internet again after this post. Bravo, sir!— DS (@Pu55yman_Dan) September 10, 2023Thank you for this most excellent service. I do love a cheesy garlic bread from Domino’s and now I know how to get a big version! ???— MrsHat (@Mrs_Hat) September 10, 2023