Kerala Juice Seller Impresses Internet With Tossing Skills, Video Viral With 2 Million Likes

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Social media has given a common platform to content creators and street vendors to showcase their creations. We often come across some talented people whose videos regularly go viral on our social media feeds. Nowadays, just serving delicious food isn’t enough to grab eyeballs on the internet. There has to be a unique way of serving or something different that the street food vendor is doing that sets him or her apart from the others. Recently, we came across one such juice seller whose amazing juggling skills have left internet users mesmerised. Take a look:View this post on InstagramA post shared by Hemraj Goyal (@hemrajgoyalofficial)Also Read: Viral Video: Mexican Lady’s Amazing Chopping Skills Impress The InternetThe clip was shared on Instagram reels by popular content creator Hemraj Goyal (@hemrajgoyalofficial). Stated to be from Kerala, the juice seller appeared to be making sugarcane juice by mixing it up manually. “The magical Ride of freshness. This unique way of making juice had caught me off-guard,” read the caption to the post. The video has received over 2.1 million likes and 18k comments.Some users observed that he had quite some talent and could actually become a bartender. “He has no idea how much he can get paid as a bartender,” commented one user while another wrote, “Bro burning 1000 calories by doing just one glass!”Meanwhile, people also said that the glass was quite solid to withstand all the antics being done with it. “Screw the juice I’d buy the glass,” observed a userone while another one also added, “Science: diamond is the hardest thing. Meanwhile that glass cup.” “That glass is made up from Nokia,” read another hilarious response.A few others felt that the gimmicks were quite unnecessary. “When the label says- Shake well before use,” laughed a user. “Just give me my drink bro,” said another one.